Thursday, October 25, 2007

Oktoberfest at One Rochestor

Let me update someting about my Company's recent event, thou its 2 months ago.

On 31st August 2007, our decided to celebrate 3oth Anniversary in conjunction with Customers' Appreciation Nite. Since we are the German Company, we decided to do alittle different this year, we are holding our very first Oktoberfest.

As part of the committee, I am a little excited plus a little worry as this is my very first event in this company. I am having sleepless nites worrying about the weather, if everything will go smoothly, if everything is taken care of etc.

Thou there are little hiccups during planning, and during the show, overall, its quite successful, most of the guests enjoyed themselves.

We hold our Oktoberfest at One Rochestor.
Its a very nice cosy place. If you want a relax and nice place to chill down, this is very good choice.

I arrived before 6.30pm and get the reception ready and make sure everyting is in place. Slowly our staffs and customers arrived. They are first served with specially made Mocktail which is blue colour which is the colour of our theme.
The colour of Oktoberfest is normally Blue and White, which is the colour of the Bavaria Flag. If you wana know more of Oktoberfest refer to

After our MD speech, the food and drinks are served. The guests get to eat Authentic German food and free flow of Beers. Everyone start to relax in a corner and enjoy the band.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

There are little games like crowning Oktoberfest King and Queen, Chicken Dance. Even our MD is enjoying himself. He is doing the Chicken Dance with our emcee.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The event is supposed to end at 10pm, but many of the staffs had enjoyed themselves and continue to drink on. Some even got drunk and vomited, most of them are half sober. After all the guests had left, I quickly sneak off around 12am because some of the colleagues planned to sabo me.

Its a tiring nite but a good one. My spirit is still high even after a shower and on my bed. After so many sleepless nite, I finally can have a good nite sleep.


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