Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm Sick

Was not feeling well today, I guessed must be having too much coconut and Chendol at Malacca.......greedy me....... got so much of phlegm choking me the whole nite that i cannot sleep. Thinking of my Vietnam trip this coming weekend, I think better go see doctor......

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Interesting Findings in Malacca

There are some interesting findings during our visit.

The Peranakan house has 2 hall. One main hall for families and relatives. Another hall next door, is to welcome guests.

There is a wall made of wood, seperating the Guest hall and the inside of the house. There are little gaps at the wall, its is for the ladies to peek thru the gap to see the guests. Ladies are not allowed in the hall. This is the way they peek their future husband as their marriage are arranged.

There is 2 stairs in the house, one from the middle hall for the master and family, another one in the kitchen for the maids.

There is cover and doors affixed to the staircase, so they can locked it to prevent theif, our tour guide jokingly said that the wives can lock their husband out of the rooms if they come back late.

The peranakan wedding grown followed either the Ching or the Ming style. They will wear a singlet that is made of bamboo, so as to prevent the sweat from dirtying the expensive grown.

There is a small peek hole on the floor of the main room. When u peek at this hole, it show the main gate of the entrance, hence u will be able to see who is visting without running down. Our tour guide joked that if u dun like the guest, u can pour urine or water down, haha.

There is an olden ice-cream maker, too bad camera is not allowed inside.

The street we are staying is a rich man street.

To know more about Malacca, visit:

Interesting Hotel - Puri Hotel

Puri Hotel, its an interesting hotel. It was the ancestral home of the descendants of Tan Kim Seng (1805-1864). He was a third generation Straits Chinese born in Malacca. He has some contribution to Singapore too. I strongly recommend to people who dun mind staying in 3 star hotel. I took some pictures.

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This is the main hall.

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This is the inside hall.

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Look at the sign, Ying Yan Ting its mean "welcome sparrow hall"

There will be sparrow flying around this hall in the evening, even outside our room upstairs. Its amazing and fun. V is totally amazed and stand in the middle of the hall watching, haha.

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If u see carefully, u can see they resting on birdnest.

They have nice garden and a historical room, telling about history of this hotel.
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This is the stair way to our room.
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This bldg is directly outside the hotel, not too sure what is it.
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To find out more about the hotel history, rates etc, please visit

Monday, April 24, 2006

Melacca Day 3

I wake up pretty early to have my morning coffee and pack up my stuffs, have the habit of packing only before departure.

NH came to pick up us at around 9.30am, we check out the hotel and set off for breakfast. She brought us to have dim sum breakfast. The pple there are so jovial. The "bao uncle" bring the bao and scissor to our table and asked how should he divided the bao into 3, he said this is the first time he did that, haha. Had a spread of dim sum, nice.

Then we went to Tan Kim Hok shop to buy some local speacialities. Then we went to Tesco and look around, NH bought some vege to cook dinner at night, hehe, makan Peranakan food at "Ole Sayang". I wouldn't say the food is pure peranakan food and its not as good. However, the place has a nice ambience.

After lunch we went back to Mahkota Parade as we still have half an hour to spare. We walk arnd one and back to Century Mahkota to take our transport. Bid goodbye to NH.

When we boarded the bus, the driver said they are bring us to Tan Kim Hock for shopping, since we alrdy went in the morning, V and me went there for one last Chendol. It dun taste as good as the one at Jonker walk, real disappointed.

Finally, set off to Singapore..... reach home around 7plus. Tired....

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Malacca Trip Day 2

We wake up early enof to make it to breakfast. There is a garden outside the cafe, u can chose to have breakfast there but we chose to sit inside. There is nasi lemak, bread, saugsage, omelette etc. Teh tarik is nice and coffee is strong enof.

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After breakfast, we decided to walk along the street around our hotel, there are many interesting place. The small lane beside our hotel, there are some uncles and aunties setting up stalls selling antique.

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Then we visited the Baba and Nonya Peranakan Musuem - this musuem which is an actual Peranakan heritage town house and is a great example of Peranakan culture. It is located on Heeren Street (now known as Tun Cheng Lock Street). The entry fee is RM8 per person include a tour with the guide inside.

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We got to see many antique and the practise of Peranakan. Its interesting.

After that, we just walk along the street. Went in some shops, bought some stuffs, one interesting shop is the Orang Utan shop. They sell t-shirts that is painted by Malaysia artist, u can't find it any where else. U may take a look at the website.

I bought some Gula Melacca, local coffee etc, then we sat down to have Chendol again and some curry puffs. The weather is too hot that we decided to go back to hotel for a quick shower. Its only an 2 hr walk but it seems so long.....

Freshen up after the shower, we decided to go Mahkota Parade for shopping. V saw Shakey's pizza and she craved for it, so we had our lunch there. Had pizza, wings, potatoes and drinks. Satisfied our stomach, we went around shopping. Bought some local delicacies. We set off back to hotel in late noon.

After taking a rest, we decided to re-vist Jonker walk again. Today is less crowded as yesterday. We went to try the famous Chicken Rice Ball. Its not as good as we expected.... but its cute, we sneakily take a pic, so malu being a tourist haha.

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We bought some more stuffs and some snacks and then walk back to our hotel finally. Very tiring. Shower, blow hair dry, then doze off.....

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Malacca Trip 22nd -24th April 2006 Day 1

Have been planning for this trip after attending my friend's wedding in Malacca(refer to previous blog, Malacca Wedding), cause there is no time to browse around. Hence after i come back, jio another friend V, who is interested in visiting her "hometown" as she is a half Nyonya.

Set off on 22nd April at 8.30am from Golden Mile complex. We took the Super VIP coach so it is kind of comfy. Reached Malacca Central a.k.a bus terminal around 1.30pm. My friend NH came to pick us up. The weather is hot.......

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We checked into Hotel Puri. It is an interesting and nice hotel. Thou it is not a posh 5* hotel, it is the most satisfactory 3* hotel. Kind of homely, clean and well maintained.

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After checking in, we went to have our lunch at a very special place, Seafarer. Its at a seaside. There is a very old boat and we had our lunch on the boat. The food is nice and tasty. We had Fried slice black pepper fish, vege, mee goreng and sambal ayam. Too bad din had the pic of the boat.

Image hosting by Photobucket

After lunch we went for coconut drink at the seaside. Its very relaxing and nice. The coconut is too old.......haha, but its a nice place.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Stomarch fulfilled, went to my NH's house for a rest and use the toliet. Its a new and nice condo, the concept is alittle like Singapore condo. Its a waste that we din bring our swimming costume, otherwise I would have jump into the pool.

Enof of rest, NH brought us to Nygoya to buy textile hehe, so auntie..... then we set off to Jesco. Its pretty far...a shopping complex, bought a t-shrt from there.

Finished shopping, NH sent us back to hotel for a rest and quick wash up, while she went home to shower. NH come and pick us up for dinner together with her husband and sister in law. Her husband is very jovial and her sis-in-law is very friendly. Had a nice dinner joking and laughing. We went to a coffee house for dinner, it is delicious, especially the otah.

After dinner, they brought us to Jonker Walk. There is night market on every Fri to Sun. Its very crowded, there are stalls selling all kinds of souvenirs, accessories, food, toys, pets, etc etc. At the side of the walk, the shops and coffee houses are open too. There are some houses which is some dialect clans' club, there are ktv singing, dancing etc, very interesting. At the end of the walk there is a stage for the old folk to sing and at the other end of the walk, there is pple selling plaster. Very happening and interesting place. Its a must go place if you ever visit Malacca. After walking, we sat down and have Chendol, its sedup! It taste so different from Singapore. The gula malacca is very tasty.

Its getting late and we decided to go back to rest. The stupidest thing is that our hotel is just nearby but we are blur enof to let NH husband drive a big round to send us back to hotel, cause its a one way traffic........

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My First Artwork of Parchment Craft

This is my first project of Parchment Craft. I gave it to a friend in Beijing for her birthday. This is my try, so it is not well done but will continue to try it out. Its fun!

The Fate of My Sis Piglet.

One day when i got back from work, I saw someting that make me giggle (as shown on the picture). My sis just got married and moved out. Now she has husband, she ditched her little piglet at this is the fate of Little Piglet.............

Monday, April 17, 2006

Rain's MV

This young fella is very attractive......... Rain...........Korean.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

This is a personality test. Pick your answers instinctively. There are no right or wrong answers.

A car is about to go through a tunnel. Imagine that you are driving this car. What will want to see after you come out of the tunnel?
A. Ocean
B. Snow Landscape
C. Small Town
D. Mountains
E. More Tunnels

Pick an answer and scroll down to see what your answer says about you!

A. Ocean You tend to spend money rather than save. When you see something you want, you will buy it without thinking it through. You have a good sense of your needs vs. wants, but because of your showy nature, you frequently end up buying something that is more expensive than you need!

B. Snow Landscape You are a romantic and a dreamer. You often feel the need to save money,but you are quite forgetful and have a tendency of losing your wallet and valuables. Instead of wasting energy on trying to make a fortune, you should be really focusing on money management.

C.Small Town You are a clear headed introvert. You know the importance and value of saving money and will continue to do so throughout your life. You are never wasteful, and therefore leisure activites are never a high priority. Because of your conservatism, sometimes you miss out on money making opportunities. Don't forget you need to risk some money to make even more money!

D. Mountains You are good at saving money. Although you don't like cutting expenses, you always seems to have a chunk of money ready for use. You also know how to spend money. You have the nerve to spend a large amount of money, if it's neccesary.
E. More Tunnels You have a strong sense of money and talent in making money. You will risk some money for the chance to earn a big reward. You may become rich through the stock market or the lottery. In the meantime, your spending won't be small, and if you try to save money, you can be very well off.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Boring Sat in The Office

Harrrrhhhhhh *yawn* ................ another boring Sat in the office. Very sleepy as I watched DVD till late nite and wake up early in the morning to get ready...............

Am now blogging in the office, cause I'm so bored.............. I've finished reading all my emails, from hotmail to yahoo to company emails............... read friend's forum page.......... its so aimless and restless....................

Another hour to go............... going to make Milo....................