Sunday, November 09, 2008


25th Oct 08

We woke up early today as my sis had arranged a car to drive us around today and the driver will be arriving at 8am.

Today we went to Zhou Zhuang, it's an old town. Its about 3 hrs drive from Shanghai, very nice place, but it's very crowded.

Zhou Zhuang

We had our lunch in one of the restaurant, we chose to seat at the balcony overlooking a park. We had their famous pork legs, thou it's fat but its delicious.


After going to Zhou Zhuang, we went to a supermarket and a big sport departmental store then headed home.

As we are too tired, my sis and me went our to tabao, we packed back Guiling Bee Hoon. (桂林米粉), its delicious especially in a cool weather. take a look at the following link. Very cheap too, average RMB 8.

Trip to Shanghai

24th Oct 2008

Finally, it's the day of departure. As my mum has an check up appointment and got slightly delayed in the hospital, I met her directly at the airport. It's so strange carrying 2 luggage myself.
Even the taxi driver asked if i am alone...

This is the first time on flight with my mum, 5 hrs flight is a torture to her, she keep wriggling in her seats, yawning loudly and talk loudly... haiz.... the food dun suit her taste either....
When we finally reached Shanghai, checked out, it's already 11pm, hopped on to the taxi and reached my sis hse around midnight.

Another Piece

Recently brought some yarn and made a little something for my Beijing friend, Nicol.
Since i am going to Shanghai, it will be a good opportunity for me to post it, postage will be relatively cheaper. :)

This will be just nice for Autumn temperature.