Friday, January 27, 2006

Chinese New Year

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year Eve.

Time really flies, so fast. I din have to prepare, moreover down with flu....... :(

Monday, January 23, 2006

Punjabi Wedding Part XI - Departure

22nd Febuary, Monday

We woke up early this morning to pack and get ready to set off. Our coach back to Singapore is at 10.30am so we got to be there around 10am. After we've packed, we went for breakfast at 8am. B felt like paying a visit to her friend's father, so we decided to rush our breakfast, go for a short visit as the hospital is nearby, and be back by 10am to check out.

We took a cab to the hospital. Its Ipoh General Hospital. It a old hospital........ we are stopped infront of a gate, its the entrance to the lift lobby. The guard said only one at a time and got to register at the counter. We are amazed at the moment, we keep explaining we are rushing back to singapore but they just refuse to let us go. No choice, we asked B to go up alone while J and me waited downstair.

A while later, B came down with her friend's mother, she felf bad letting us wait downstair. She gave us a big hug and chatted for a while. Nice old lady. She made us felt so welcome and warmed our hearts. After a short while, we got to go. B sent her friend's mum up again and after that we took a cab and return to the hotel.

We quickly grab our luggages and check out of the hotel. The same taxi uncle who drove us to the hospital, drove us to the bus terminal. We are suprise to see the couples with the groom's sister. They just sent off their sister and decided to wait for us.

The groom's mum bought us some kuey to eat on the journey. J gave them a sachet of the 2 in 1 Ipoh coffee each to try, we chatted a while then bus came.

We boarded the bus and can't wait to return to our own nest. On the way there is many nice scenery but too bad we dun hv chance to roam around. Maybe nxt time. Bye Ipoh.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Punjabi Wedding Part X - Ipoh Temple

22nd January 2006, Sunday

J waked up first, get ready, followed by me and then BB.

We went down for breakfast around 8am as we has to be at the temple at 10am. We had a quick breakfast. Then the bride's brother and sister family came down for breakfast, naughty small boy is being naughty, cry for not giving him the knife to play etc.........3 of us make a move first as we need to dress up in punjabi suite.

After we've changed, we waited for the rest to come down while calling for cab. We a little problem with the taxi drivers because they do not know the Sikh temple at Menglembu, as the address is written in English. One of the cab driver seems to know so he took the lead. He stop at a Hindu Temple, wrong wrong wrong, our driver take the lead this time.

Finally we reached the temple. It is in the middle of some Factory. It is a little hut, the kampong type with high legs (pillar). We got to take out our shoes and go up to the temple by the little staircase. Luckily the prayer just started. We pay our respect to the holy book and sit down, as usual ladies on the left and guys on the right.

After the prayer is done, the bride niece do some prayer singing............. Wahe guru ji, Wahe guru ji................ when everyting is done, we were given a sweet thing to eat. Then we proceed under the hut for lunch. J couldn't find her shoes, someone wore her shoes, after a search, her shoes is far away, wonder who wore her slipper...........

We proceed to the buffet spread under the hut, I had some Puri and vege. We are given ice plain water. After our lunch, we decided to take a small walk around, its like a kampong area. We came to the house of the groom's uncle jus behind the temple. He invited us in. He is a nice man, very old, with a caring heart. He bought 2 Tiger biscuit and some sweets for us during the journey to Ipoh. Its not a big house but its very cooling and comfy. His wife is lying on a old punjabi bed that is made of strings which will not caused backached. She is blinded and hardly move, making a bit of noise occassionally. She must be wanting to congratulate the bride and wanting to join in the celebration...........

J wanted to go toliet badly, the groom's sister showed her to the toliet in their uncle's house........, its dark......... no toliet bowl........... do it on the floor then flush away with the water ............. J gave a 2nd tot and she said she will bear with it, hehehehe

Someone called out to us and we are making a move to the groom's house for another ceremony. Bid goodbye to the nice uncle and proceed to the house.

Punjabi Wedding Part X - Shopping

We took a cab to Jusco. Its a nice, big and clean shopping center jus like any shopping center in Singapore.

There is sales going on and we tried and bought some tops. After shopping we went for coffee, wow finally we have our own time to relax. Enjoying the view and chit chatting. We asked the boy from Coffee Bean where to go for dinner. He told us a long list and give us alot of directions till we are blur. Nevertheless we decided to give it a try.

We followed the direction that boy pointed to us. There seems to be no pedestain on the road, there isn't even a path for human to walk........... its quiet, and we wonder............ we come to a cross junction but there is no pedestain traffic light................ so we charged once the car stopped........... when we safely crossed, it seems to be kampong area.............. dog barking etc, we saw lights furhter on the otherside of the road so we Charged again............. hahahaha what an adventure.

We walk towards the light and saw some resturant, what a relief. While we are walking along the pavement, there is a strange noise, its mini bats flying arnd, and we "mountain tortise" are so excited abt it hahaha. We went further down and saw some coffee shop, we picked one and settled down.

We ordered "big noodle", tofu, hor fun and a vege. Nice and fufilling dinner. Yummy. After dinner, we decided to head back to the hotel. We walked further down and passed by a cinema, its showing Hindi movie. We went to the road side and got a cab. Finally we reached the hotel at around 10pm.

We called for the room service to clear up the room and bathroom. Each of us take turns to shower and had another cup of J's 2 in 1 Ipoh coffee. B was since evening because her Ipoh friend's mother is hospitalised in Ipoh and its critical. Later she got another msg, her another Ipoh friend's father is hospitalised............. its double blow for her. She is worry because she imagine herself in their shoes.............. hush hush B.............

The whole nite she is sms-ing and calling.......... we chatted a while and go to our dreamland. B woke up in the middle of the nite, her friend came to the hotel and pick her up to pay a visit to her friend's mother. She return in the morning, not sure what time cause i am in my dreamland.

Punjabi Wedding Part X - Noon Ceremony

The groom's sister and parents drove us to their house. Once we reached their house, the groom's mother will pour some oil at the door step. Then the couple entered the house and we follow behind.

The groom's mother served us water, cakes, indian sweet and watermelon. J finally got to go toliet. The bride sit down with us and suddenly J break into tears........... guess she must be homesick, leaving her goodfriend soon or tired???? The bride got worry, after a while she is ok and she doze off on the chair.

We are waiting for the groom's relatives to come and start the nxt ceremony, not sure wht is it call but they hv to take out the string tied on their hands. All of us are feeling sleepy in the hot weather. The bride's sister went to help out with housework, washing, sweeping the groom house until the groom told his mum its not right and the groom's mum jump up from the sofa to stop her.

Finally his relatives arrived, they made a big bowl of bandung and place in between the couple. They are then to take out the red string tied to their hand, struggling, struggling. After they are done, there is a little game for them. The groom's auntie dropped their rings into the bundung, the couple will then dig their hands into the syrup and find the ring. It is said that the person who got the ring first will rule the house. There are 3 rounds and the bride got 2 rounds, hehe so she will be the lady Queen............

After the ceremony, the groom's family drove us back. It is about 5pm. Everyone went to our room as they had check out their room this morning since they are leaving tonite. J, BB and me take a quick shower and decided go out for a dinner and do some shopping. We left the room to the 2 families.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Punjabi Wedding Part IX - Wedding dinner

We reached the groom's house at 6pm.

The bride is dressing up. There are many ideas about how should the make up be, how should the scarf be etc etc. The groom is having his shower and dressed up. Finally the bride and the groom are ready.

As the bride is hungry, her mum in law made milo and bring in some biscuits for her. She share with her husband, the milo must be extra sweet that day.

Around 7pm, the groom's sister drove the 4 of us to the dinner place first. It is a old chinese hall, Wan Hua Function Hall. This was the hall of old primary school. I got to know that my collegue studied that last time, hehe.

We waited seated at a round table outside the hall, waiting for the rest to come. People start coming in. There is free flow of beer outside, and in no time all the drinkers are siting around us. We got abit uneasy, pple stared at us when walking pass so we got up and stand in one
corner. The groom's mother tot we are leaving, quickly got up to us and asked where are we going haha.

Around 8pm, the bridal car arrived. The drum, singing and dancing started. The couple got down and we all follow behind and entered the hall. The couples and parents were seated at a long table at the side of the hall. We are seated at a round table nearby. There were performance, dances and drum.

Food were already served before we are seated, so the moment we sit down, we can start eating. Curry, rice, vege and rose water. After the performance, they shifted the table aside and guests start dancing.

We deceided to go back to the hotel, so we went outside to call for cab. We called the hotel recept and asked her to help us to book but she said she can't. Before we step out of the hotel, the receptionist said we can and now another girl on duty said no. BB was pissed and she tell the recept off and she finally agreed to help.

We waited for a while, no news of the taxi, called back to the hotel, the receptionist said she alrdy called and gave us the number asking us to check ourselve. I called the Radio Taxi, luckily the lady speak chinese. Then I found out that the recept had called the cab to the wrong place!!! We are so damm pissed, luckily the lady from Radio Taxi is helpful. She help us to get a cab, she said tat as it is sat nite, alot of cab driver is off, she told us to get the driver to come back the 2nd round, she will try to get another cab for us.

One cab arrived, luckily chinese, I asked the uncle to come back 2nd round and we agreed to place deposit. The bride's sister and family went first. The 2nd cab came and we sent the bride's brother and family back. The first cab return and fetch us after a while.

Because of that receptionist, we finally got back to hotel after standing outside the hall for 3 hours arranging for the cab. I must praised the service of Radio Cab, Ms Li, she even bother to call back and check if we were all in the cab, and she is calling from Malaysia to Singapore Handpohe.

Punjabi Wedding Part IX - After Wedding Dinner

We reached hotel around 11pm. Not satisfied with Indian food all the time, we decided to go for some chinese food, the famous Lao Wang Ipoh bean sprot Chicken. Was teasing BB cause she pronouce Lao Wang as Lao Ya (meaning lousy in hokkien) haha.

We changed to our usual clothes, wow feel so comfy, then we called a cab and go for supper. We order the bean sprot chicken with hor fun. We are curious bean sprot chicken and its so famous. Finally the food is served, bean sprot, chicken and bowl hor fun for each of us. Wow dig in! Nice, cruchy bean sprot, tender chicken, smooth hor fun.

Restoran Lou Wong - Ipoh Kway Teow
Now, this is the place to go for tauge ipoh kway teow. This corner shop is most famous for the steamed chicken and beansprout dishes that go with a bowl of piping hot kway teow soup. Although there are a few stalls selling the same menu along the street, locals tend to make a beeline for this place. Lou Wong gets pretty busy from late evening onwards.
Location: No. 49 Jalan Yau Tat Shin

Saw some VCD stalls set up at the road side, lighting up the lights and displaying the cds, suddenly, all the stalls turned off the lights and pack up and disappear.......... we tot police are coming but nothing happen, haha......... after a while, the stalls set up again..........

After our supper, we decided to take a walk. There is a pasar malam nearby. There are many stalls selling watch, belts and shoes. We felt abit uncomfortable cause pple seems to be staring at us, then we realise that we are the only chineses and indian there........... We faster make our move from there.

We passed by a shop, it is still open but the door is lock, we got to press the bell before they let us in. We looked at the clothes but its too ex. Next door is a tibit shop, we decided to get some tibits back. We flagged a cab and went back to hotel.

Each of us take turn to shower, then J made 2 in 1 white coffee for us. We chatted while having coffee, nice coffee. Soon we realised its almost 4 am in the morning, we decided to sleep cause we need to wake up early in the morning to attend the temple ceremony.

Punjabi Wedding Part IX - Before Wedding Dinner

21st January 2006, Saturday

J is the first to wake up. She went to shower and changed. I am 2nd to wake up. I woke up around 9am as I remembered the breakfast end at 10am. After I have done with brushing and changing, I woke BB up. After BB is ready we rush down to the breakfast buffet at around 9.50am.

We take what we wanted as the staffs started to clear up the buffet counter at 10am sharp. We had Omelette, harsh brown, nasi lemak, porriage, harsh brown, bread etc. After breakfast, we decided to change room. BB is unable to sleep cause she keep hearing the housekeeper's room door open and close and she keep thinking some one is opening our room door. Whenever she heard the door noise, she said she keep asking me if there is someone at the door but i din answer. Actually i tot she is talking in the sleep cause i cannot figure out wht she is mumbling.

We changed from RM 809 to RM 802. The room looks better and more spacious. After we are settled, we decided to go out and explore. BB and J wana have a hair wash and I wanted to have manicure and pedicure.

First we went to a shopping center, I've forgotten its name. It is a 2 storey building. We spent only 20 mins inside, there is nothing much, more Malay baju and acessories, s0 we decided to go to Parkson.

Parkson is a bigger and newer shopping center. We went to search for the hair salon and medicurist but we went round and round and round, couldn't find one. We asked the locals, they gave us different directions. Finally we found it. I went for my medicure and pedicure while BB and J went to the hair salon nxt door.

The medicure and pedicure is ex and not professional. The medicurist didn't even file my nails. She removed my nail polish, massage my hands and legs with oil, then apply the nail polish and try to blow dry with her mouth........... the colours are limited............. and the nail polish is those kiddy type, there is a teddy bear infront............and i got to laid down on those facial bed when doing pedicure............. within 2 hrs it is done. I paid Rm90 in total.

I went nxt door and look for them. BB told me a bad news. She said the groom called and inform her that they are unable to get the Sunday nite bus ticket for us and so we had to return on Monday morning.............. oh no, i planned to go back to work on Monday noon but seems like its impossible........... we got to give our seats to the other sister and her 2 daughters..............

The worst is I did not bring extra clothes cause i din know about the bride's sister and 2 daughters are going and that we may have to give up the seats to them................

We went to Parkson and look for extra clothes esp for me.............. can't find any, all too expensive. We suddenly tot of the reject shop. I got one pants and t-shirt, price reasonable. But my medicure is spoiled while taking out the pants from the hanger to try......... there goes my rm 90. Its 3.45pm, we got to rush back, we promised the bride that we will be at the groom's house at 5pm, looks like its impossible.

Once we reached hotel, one by one take shower and dress up. Initially we wanted to put tilla, but after trying on we deceided not to cause we are afraid it will drop. We wore it and took some pictures in the hotel like models. After that we removed and get ready to meet the bride's sister family and brother family in the lobby, got 3 taxi and set off to the groom's house.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Punjabi Wedding Part VIII - Ipoh cab

When we got on the cab then we realise they dun have the practise to on the meter. The bride's sis look at me and asked me how much should we pay.......... we were blurred......... as tis is the first time we took cab in Ipoh and nobody tell us what to expect............

Luckily when we reached the hotel, the bride's brother is there and he told us how much to pay. We check in at the counter and got our keys. All of us are so tired and wish to shower and sleep.

One of the Bride's sister (BB), her chinese friend (J) and me shared one room. Our room is right at the end, nxt to the housekeeping room, its abit scary. When we check in, we are abit disappointed with the condition.

The bathtub is damaged by cigratte stain, it has no stopper, the sink has no stopper. The bedsheet seems rather dirty, the extra pillow is worst, it is cover with black dotes. When the housekeeper end up an extra bed, we are really disgusted. The bed in a horrible condition. However, we are tire and its late, we decided to bear with it for 2 nites.

There is no water provided, the fridge is empty, BB and me went to out of the hotel to get some drinking water. We waited for the lift near our room, when the lift door open, we were horrifed, there is a puddle of vomit! Both of us are so disguested, we went further to take another lift.

When we are out of hotel, We din know where to get water, there is no shop in the hotel, we decided to cross the road, but the further we go, the quieter it is and we decided to turn back, its rather scary. Suddenly we spotted a mini shop beside the hotel, we are so glad. We bought few big bottles of water and some tibits and went back to hotel.

Finally shower and get to rest. But is an unbearable nite, its very cold, we are all shivering. The chinese girl requested for extra blanket and is still feeling cold. Finally she jump up of the bed and call the housekeeper as the controller dun seems to work.

The guy come and do some adjustment, all of us doze off again..............

Punjabi Wedding Part VIII - Ipoh

Finally we had some rest on the bus.
Its a total of 7 hours ride. Stopped at several stop and escorted the bride to the toliet.
Drum and singing filled the bus, all the old hindi songs.
Its a long and unbearable journey, too tired, din really sleep cause I am too excited.

Finally around 8.30pm we arrived at the groom's place. Its a 2 storey landed property. The groom's family members jump off the bus and get ready to start the drum and singing for the arrival of the couple.

Singing and dancing started and leading the couple into the house, the bride's family followed behind. The couple have to step into the house with first their right legs.

The couple were seated on the sofa, the groom's auntie and mother present their gift and blessing. After that the couple were sent to their room upstair. We followed behind.
The couple were seated on the bed, the groom asked us to take a pic for them while he sent a suprise kiss on the bride's cheek. The bride shly smile.

Groom's nephew, big boy, around 20 years old, came in the room and sat on the bride's lap. He will not get up unless he was give a satisfied amount. Some bargaining take place, but the boy is too big, the bride finally give in.

When everyting is over, we went downstair and dinner is served. We ate the dishes catered from the one and only punjabi caterer in Ipoh. After dinner, the groom's family called 3 cabs to send us to the hotel.

The bride is unable to eat, she felt sad and scare that we are leaving her hehind, haha big baby. Finally we bid goodbye and board the taxi.

Punjabi Wedding Part VII - Temple 2

Everyone went down after the ceremony. The groom and his families are singing and dancing at then entrance. The groom then walk in to bring the bride to the eating place for lunch. Everyone then proceed to the eating place for lunch. Vegetarian lunch but yummy.

After lunch, the bride, groom and the bestman will seat down in a roll. The ladies from the bride side will stand behind. The married women from the bride side will feed them with indian sweets and give their blessing. The bride's sister secretly planned some tricks to sabo the bestman.

We stand secretly behind the bestman. Once the feeding and blessing is over, the bride's niece put a necklace made of vege over the bestman, the bride's sister draw lipstick on the best man and i power baby power over him. The bestman become an white old man instantly.

After all the fun, everyone line out to take group photo. Then we are getting ready to go. But the fun is not over yet, the groom couldn't find his shoes. The bride's niece hided his shoes. They will return his shoes if he give an satisfying amount. Finally the groom got his shoes back.

The couple got on the bridal car and off they go. The bridal car will make one round and back to the temple, the bride's mother will feed her last mouth of water and bid goodbye, tears rolling, bride, bride's mother and bride's sister all started........

Few moment later, the couple is ready to go, the father of the groom sprinkle some coins, everyone will rush to pick up the coins. The bridal car drove off, the groom's family members bid goodbye to the bride's family and everyone boarded the bus.

The bride's brother family, 2 sisters, 2 nieces, chinese friend and me followed the bride to Ipoh. We boarded their bus as well. Finally a chance to relax.

Punjabi Wedding Part VII - Temple 1

We reached Sikh temple shortly. We covered our head with the scarf, take off our shoes and walk into the temple. The bride's chinese friend and me escort the bride to a resting room upstair. The rest remain below waiting for the groom and his family members to arrive, they had travelled from Ipoh the day before. Once the groom and families arrived, milnee will start. In the milnee, both families’ exchange presents, tacitly accepting one another.

After milnee, everyone have their breakfast in the eating place in temple. The bride side catered vegetarian food as it is in the temple. After breakfast, we went up to the room and sit with the bride.

The groom and his family entered the hall and seated. The groom seated first in front of the holy book. Then followed by the bride led in afterward escorted by her sister-in law and the rest of us follows. All of pay our respect to the holy book and then seated in the hall. Everyone sitted on the floor, guys on the right and ladies on the left.

Ceremony started. As it is in their language, I dun understand. I found some material from the website, adding on to what I experience and hope its accurate.

The Priest will then explain the Sikh perspective (above) of marriage, stressing the importance of the union about to take place. After the priest's address, the ceremonial procedures truly begin.

The couple and their parents stand and ardas (prayers) are spoken asking for God’s blessing for the proposed marriage and the couple.These opening prayers are followed by the palaa ceremony. A shawl, saffron-coloured, is folded lengthwise. The right end is placed over the groom's shoulder and into his hands; the bride holds the left end. Throughout the palaa ceremony, the ragis sing a prayer, the Shabad Palai. Palaa, similar to other Asian wedding traditions, bonds the couple together physically to represent their spiritual link.What follows is critical and special to Sikh marriages. The Laavan, written by the fourth guru, Guru Ram Das for his own marriage, is a series of four prayers. Literally Laavan means 'break away'- the marriage is the bride breaking away from her natural family.

The ragis sing his words as the couple walks, connected by the palaa, clockwise around the Guru Granth Sahib. The groom leads the bride during the circling of the Guru Granth Sahib. They finish their round as the ragis finish the prayer. The couple then bows to the holy book and sits waiting the second prayer of the Laavan. Each round is performed in the same manner.The Laavan serves a dual purpose: the verses are both offerings of advice and references to times of married life. The first verse impresses upon the importance of committing oneself to righteousness, communication with one's own soul and the spiritual journey of all Sikhs. The second verse tells the couple of their future success. In marrying, they will find the true Guru; they can move beyond their own personalities and prejudices, using the marital institution as part of their spiritual paths. The third verse says that the couple is blessed to be part of a supportive Sikh community and that to follow the spiritual path set before them, they should serve and respect those around them. The final verse of the Laavan says that in marriage the two will inspire each other towards becoming one with the Infinite, as they follow the advice of the previous three verses.At the completion of Laavan, the assembly showers the couple with flower petals. According to Sikh codes of conduct, the two are now officially married.The Priest will then say a few words to close the ceremony and legally pronounce the couple as husband and wife.

After the ceremony, everyone linger around the hall talking and taking pic with the couple. Then we proceed downstair.

Punjabi Wedding Part VI - Wedding Day - Setting off

20th January 2006, Friday

I reached the bride place at around 6.30am. The make-up artist is painting the bride's face. The bride insisted not wearing the fake eye lashes. But still she look stunning after the make up cause she is beautiful by nature. Finally put up the head scarf.

On top of the 15 red and ivory bangles on each hands, the Bride has to wear gold bangles. Kalira (ornaments) is tied to the bride's gold bangles, the purpose of kalira is to make housework impossible. Wow the bride is so shinning, gold head scarf, gold tilla, gold ear rings, gold necklace, gold ring and diamond smile ............. aiya cannot open my eyes.........

When the bride is ready, everyone got so excited, taking turns to take pic with her. For the moment she become Bollywood actress, so many flashes, snap snap snap.

Its time to set off. The bride's neighbour, Malay, send her and her brother family to the temple in his car. The rest of us take the bus chartered. We set off to the Yishun Sikh Temple. There is a mixture of Chinese, Malays and Indians, helping each other, its a nice scene, racial harmony ........... peace.......... :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Punjabi Wedding Part V - Mehndi Ceremony

In the evening, we had some dinner and getting ready for the Mehndi Lady to come and do Mehndi for the bride.

Mehndi, as an Indian wedding tradition, dates back to Mughal times. The hands and feet are intricately patterned with a paste of henna, oil, lemon juice and water steeped in tea leaves. Mehndi is supposed to symbolize the strength of love in a marriage. Hence the darker the designs, the stronger the love. Professional mehndiwalis apply mehndi for all of the women and girls of the wedding party.

The mehndiwalis finally arrived around 7.30pm. While the bride is siting still, letting her hand being drawn, the woman of the family started the party.

First is the Jago dance. A steel jar is filled with flour dough and candles is stick on top. The Bride's youngest sister in law start the ball rolling. Everyone stands outside the door, the bride's sister in law carried the jargo and place it on her head. She then dance her way into the house and the rest of the ladies followed behind her.

The jago is passed from one lady to another. When the lady put the jago on her head, she will go to the center of the hall and dance.

After the jago, dance and singing started. It will lasted till the Mehndi is done. I am busy snapping pic and helping in the kitchen because i am too shy to dance and i duno how to sing haha.

Finally around 10pm, the Mehndi is done. While the rest of the ladies is q-ing for the mehndi to be done, I decided to make a move. Tomolo is a working day for me so i bid goodbye to everyone.

Punjabi Wedding Part IV - Rest

After lunch, we decided to pack some lunch for the Bride's father who is having dialysis in NKF. Its a pity that he missed some part of the ceremony.

We pack some food and took a cab to the center. Luckily he hasn't have his Nasi Lemak with is much more unhealthy. Her daughter tick him off for having coke when he is not suppose to due to diabetic. As he is doing his dialysis, he could eat properly, his grand daughter offered to feed him, he seems so happy, keep grinning.

After that we rush off to Little India. The poor sister of the bride has not got anything accessories for herself to wear during the wedding. She has been busy with work and preparation for her sister and she forgotten herself. We deceided last min rush down to Little India during the short break to get the shoes she always wanted and to get some accessories.

I got a pair of shoes from Mustafa too and some more accessories.

After that we rushed back to the bride's house. Its like amazing race haha. From House to NKF to Little India shoes shop to Accessories shop to Mustafa to Home, all within 3 hours.

Punjabi Wedding Part III - Banglesss Ceremony

After the Oil ceremony, its the bangle ceremony.

Once the bride had her shower after the Oil Ceremony, her brothers will escort her out of the bath room and she will be covered with the blanket which the sisters hold during the Oil Ceremony. She will be sitted and the married women will blessed her and feed her sweet rice. Then the singles women will also feed her sweet rice. The singles will then have to finish the remain of the sweet rice.

Now its time to put on the bangles. The bangles is soak in milk before the ceremony. The Bride's brothers will have to put on the bangles for the bride. There are total if 15 bangles on one hand. The bride has to wear this bangles for 40 days and she cannot take it out even she is showering. After 40 days the bride will keep the bangles, it shall not be wore again.

Finally the bangles ceremony is over. Everyone will have lunch and rest.

They catered from Riverwalk Tandori Resturant. The nun is my favourite, yummy.

Now waiting for the Mehndi (Henna) girl to come in the evening to do the Mehndi.

Punjabi Wedding Part II - Oil Ceremony

18th Jan 2006 Wednesday

After few months of preparation, the day finally arrive.

Reached the bride's house before 8am. Help out a bit here and there, waiting for the ceremony to start.

The bride's sister used flour to form a pic on the floor, a stool and long ruler is placed infront of the pic. When the bride's sisters and brothers arrived, preparation all ready. The bride has to hide in the room with the brothers while the sisters are in the hall getting ready. When the sisters started singing, bride's brothers will escort the bride out.

The bride will sit on the small stool and her feets has to placed on the ruler. Sisters will hold a big blanket over her head. The married women will then apply flour, oil and tamarind powder to the bride's hair and body, this is to purify them for their rapidly approaching married life.
After everyone had done that, the bride's eldest sis in law tied a red string on everyone's right hand, it symbolise this family is holding a wedding and celebrating for Joy.

Again they start to apply the oil and grease all over the bride the 2nd time. This time they use handful of it, making the bride oily and greasy hahaha.

The bride is then escort to the bath room by the brothers to have her shower.

While the bride is showering, the bride's mum will smash up the pic that is draw with flour, then carry the blanket on her head. She will then use her leg to go over the small stool and after that went out of the house and print her handprint on the wall.

The whole oil ceremony is over. The nxt is Bangles Ceremony.

Punjabi Wedding Part I - Preparation

First time attending and getting involve in a Punjabi Wedding.

My friend, Punjabi, requested me and another chinese friend to be in Punjabi suits and to be involved in all the ceremonies.

Before the wedding, its the shopping, shopping and shopping. The bride need to get :
- a suite of clothes/materials for a list of relative and family members of the groom
- 11 new suits for herself
- shoes, bags, make ups, etc etc

Went to do some shopping with her and for myself, got 2 Punjabi Suits, 1 tailor suits, bangles, ear rings, stickers, shoes, wow........

Also went to taste out the food to be cater on the wedding day.

Had so much fun.