Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Went exploring around my neighbourhood, wondering what to get for dinner. Decided to try the dumpling at the small eatery beside my block. The menu is abit misleading, it wrote 1 jin RMB 6 (1 jin = 6pcs) so i tot aiya 6 pcs only where got enof, so i order 2 different type. Waited for 15mins. The waitor passed me 2 boxes, and i paid RMB12 which is about S$2.40.

When i reached home, I open the box and got a shocked, a box full of dumpling...... unable to finish, got to put one box in the fridge........ but so shiok eating the dumpling hehe.

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Evening Scenery

Was at home one evening and the sky look so beautiful that i decided to capture it down. With my lousy camera, this is the best i can capture, it look much more beautiful.

This is the view from my hall.

My friend said that its congested, yes indeed, cause this is Shanghai.........

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Peach and Chinese Pear

What i eat most in Shanghai is the Peach and Chinese Pear. My collaegues is so kind, they keep giving me Peaches and Chinese Pear. The peaches are nice so is the pear.

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Sichuan Food

On my first day in Shanghai, I had dinner with my sister and her colleague.

We had Sichun Food at this resturant "Ba Gou Bu Yi". There is a change face performace. 1st time watching change face so close, but still cannot see the trick.

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We ordered a few dishes, all spicy.

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U saw someting on the left hand side? Give u a close up.

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Its slices if pork with fat hanging on a special make pole, with cucumber. The sauce is for dipping the pork......fattening ya haha

All the food are spicy and the chicken make my tougue numb..... what an experience.

Monday, August 07, 2006


Last Thursday my GM bought some Portugese Egg Tarts for me. It really taste nice, better then what we get in Singapore.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nice Instand Noodle

I was in a Jap supermarket in Shanghai, then saw this noodle, was attracted to the packaging so decided to buy one pack to try. There is 2 portion in one pack, and each cost S$2.

I add some mushrooms inside and it really taste nice.

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