Monday, July 24, 2006

In Shanghai

Its already one week since I came to Shanghai. Not sure why, but some how its not possible to view blogspot in China. Before I come to Shanghai, my friend in China also cannot view my blog in blogspot........

Not allow to go on MSN during working hours and not able to access my own blog, its kind of frustrating. Nevertheless, I still manage to post on blogspot.......

Life here is so different........

Thursday, July 13, 2006

knitted Scarf

Finally finished the checkers scarf, took me so long to complete........

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Take Note and Becareful!

Got this email, whether its true or not, just beware.

The purpose of this email is to urge all those who are concerned about
the well being of children, to take action/precaution to protect our
This is a heartwrenching truth about a child who was raped:
A friend's daughter, who is only in Primary school, was walking along
one of the road paths in the northeast area of S'pore during daytime,
when 4 Bangladeshi guys ran up to her, dragged her into a nearby
construction area and gang raped her. The poor child sustained severe
injuries - tear at the private areas and bruises all over her body (It
was said that she had 10+++ stitches or more). She was badly
traumatised and was found in a daze, with blood all over the lower part of her body.
She has not been able to speak since the incident. The parents had
appealed for the incident not to be publicised on the papers for fear
that it would cause more hurt to the child. The child is said to be
undergoing some counselling therapy.

Please do not take things for granted and let a child be alone even in
the broad day light. The children are vulnerable and they need to be
All little boys or girls need to be protected from such abuse and
brutal act.
For all women out there, please do take precaution for your safety too.
Do not take things for granted.
Kindly forward this message for the sake of the safety of the children
around us, and to whom you do care about.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Inconsiderate Act II

Back to Public transport......... I really wonder if there is really ghost at the back of the bus, pple just simply cannot move it, and poor pple standing at the bus stop cannot board the bus.

I hate it even more when some idoits keep pushing from behind while boarding or alighting........just can't wait for a while, everyone is crowding up or down, what's the point pushing........

Another inconsiderate act is spitting. I really miss the Scars Period whereby everyone is so concern about hygien.........Really dun understand why some pple just like to spit, even at the lift lobby, i felt like installing a camera near the lift to find out who is the culprit then shame him in the public. Its really disgusting and unhygienic.

Beside spitting, another action that follows is blowing nose while holding one of the nostrail.... they just send their mucus on the floor and walk away, omg.......oh then some like to dig their nose in public, worst of all, after digging, they will roll the thingy with their fingers, disgussting.... after tht u nebber know where they fickle or where they stick it on to............

There are so much more and i am sick of talking about it....... yucks

Friday, July 07, 2006

Inconsiderate Acts Part I

There are so many inconsiderate people hanging around, basically you will meet one everyday.

This morning we to the toliet, saw footstep mark on the toliet seats. I really dun understand, there is a squat cubicle but instead that fella chose to squat on top of the bowl......... i really wonder if she from kampong or what, black feet and squatting style.......... Furthermore she cannot be bother to clean the seat after using, so inconsiderate.

Not only the footstep on toliet bowl, some can splatter shit on the seat cover, i really wonder how that fella shit, unless her asshole is upward tilted........ and she has the cheek to leave it, expecting someone else to clean her shit, shameless.

I really dun understand why office toliet can be such a mess. All working ladies are all grown up and therefore i expect them to be ethical. But no, u can see toliet papers all over the floor and sink, sanitary pads sticking on top of the bins, water dripping all over, dirty bowl not flush. I really wonder if these people do the same to their house toliet??

Enof of toliets, I cannot stand those selfish people on the public transport. I really dun understand why pple just cannot move in to the back during rush hours, really got ghost? Some pple take up 1 seat for their grocery, i felt like asking them if they've bought the ticket for the grocery since its taking up one seat.

Worst is taking the train, when u have yet to get out of the train, they start to rush common sense, if u block the way, how can pple alight and how to let u hv the seats?? Alighting the train is like fighting the war, with traps in between the platform and the train.........

No only alighting the train seems fighting war, broading also a big challeng. Some pple think they own the train, taking their own sweet time to STROLL out. After strolling out, they will stand at the door way and pose, as if they hv entered the Ms MRT train contest!

There are so much more, let me come back with part II.