Thursday, December 28, 2006

Unlucky or Blessed?

Should I say I am Blessed or unlucky?

Just recovered from my eye injury, I met another accident.

My eldest sis was driving and I took the front seat, my cousin behind me and my 3rd sis behind the driver seat. When my sis is turning right at a cross junction, suddenly i saw a car coming from the left side and it come closer and faster, and "bang"! That car ram into the left side of our rented car!

My eldest sis got down to check, then some passer by sugguested we get down of the car, the door at my side was spoilt, i have to climb out from the driver's seat. Glad that everyone is alright.

As we are standing in the middle of the road, my 3rd sis complainted giddy, I sugguested we walk to the pavement when the light turn green, but before the light changed, my 3rd sis collapse onto the floor...... my eldest sis hurried to lay 3rd sis on her lap and shake her awake while i applied balm onto her forehead.

The driver of the other car called for ambulance for us and hurried it to come upon seeing my sis fainted.

When my eldest wana take the contact from the car compartment, she asked me to hold 3rd sis. I hold her till my leg numb, and finally the police and ambulance come.

Accompained her to the hospital A&E, waiting for the name to call while her husband arrived. After the pre-examined, my sis is sent for scanning. Her husband asked me to go home first as it seems a long time to wait. Not wanting my mum to get worried, I decided to go home arnd 12mn and din tell my mum what had happened.

Showered and jumped onto bed, but unable to sleep as my 3rd sis is still in the hospital and my eldest sis is in police station. Beside the accident is still so fresh in my mind........

Should i consider myself lucky as i survived a car accident or unlucky to meet the car accident????

Friday, December 22, 2006

Unlucky Day

21 December 2006 is the most unlucky day in my life!

It was a raining morning, thought of having Dao Huey Jui for breakfast, so i hurried to the stall to grab before my bus come. Who knows the 2 auntie customers infront of me got alot of qn abt the breakfast the stall is selling, so they are taking a long time, I decided I shall not wait, incase my bus went off, then i'll have to wait for 20min for the next one. I can't afford to be late as I need to run office errand early in the morning that day.

When i reached the office, i saw faxes at the machine, so i cleared the faxes and refill the bin. But some how, one of the faxes fall from the bin and the corner poked into my left eye so accurate and my instance reflection is to remove it and that moment i felt a sharp pain! I quickly put eyedrop, hardly can open my eye, it keep tearing... I prayed hard that i did not cut my eye as i have a lot of things to clear in the office and had to do grocery shopping for my mum etc...

When my collegue step into the office, i went to consult the company doctor. Luckily the clinic is just 3 storey below my office. The doc examined my eye and he confirmed is paper cut and decided to send me to A&E at SGH as he is worried that I will not be able to find any doctor in case of emergency during festive season, so he said it is best for me to go for a more thorough check. He gave me a reference letter and asked me to go immediately.

Went to A&E department, and waited for quite some time before i am called. The specialist exmaine my eye and said it will heal, so long as it don't get infected, it is not very serious as the cut is not deep. Thanks God!

After collecting my eyedrops, i decided that i am still fit to take MRT back, so i went to take the feder bus to the MRT station. But the moment i reached the train station, omg, the pain is killing me, i keep tearing non stop and can hardly open my eyes... no choice, walked to the taxi stand and took a taxi back.

My mum is so shocked to see me home at this hour. I immediately dropped on to my sofa and rest, unable to open my eyes, so pain that i forgot my hunger as i have not taken my lunch. Called my sis to do the grocery shopping and pack dinner for 2 sick pple at home.

Couldn't finish my dinner cause keep tearing. Had an early nite that day....

What an unlucky day!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

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