Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Its Been A Long Time

Wow its been a long time since i updated my blog. My last entry is December, 4 months back!

There are so many happening during these 4 months.

1st is the change of lifestyle after my mum became a cancer patient, spend more time at home, to and flo hospital, healtier meals, shop for groceries, shop for vegetables, fruits etc etc

2nd switch of job, new environment, new cols, new role, no Internet, no msn, no blog omg.....torture for internet addict!

3rd got a maid, 1st time as employer, 1st time staying with a stranger. Got to let her get use to our routine and habits, got to supervise and train, got to be firm and get mad...

so many drastic changes to my life in such a short time and therefore have been neglecting this little corner of mine. Din even know that my blog has shifted to new blogger haha....

Hope I am back!